Other Projects

December 3rd, 2013

Uplifting Through Unity, Responsibility & Nurturing
Est. 2004

U.T.U.R.N is a mentoring program founded by the Black Student Union at Binghamton University.  It is geared towards the development of young men and women who are currently serving time in youth detention centers in upstate New York. The youth at these detention centers are overwhelmingly women and men of color, who look forward to interacting with people that look like them and have similar backgrounds and features.  The program also provides insight for Binghamton University students who would like to spend their time helping those in need.  BU students gain hands on experience working with and assisting young women and men in an enclosed environment. The Black Student Union provides transportation to and from the facility on the  Sundays that the program is scheduled.  As a program, our goal is to provide educational and recreational opportunities while serving as role models. Contact: Dominic Davy ddavy1@binghamton.edu

Prison Support Network

The Prison Support Network at Binghamton University was founded in 1999 with the goal of offering support to people incarcerated in the many institutions of the u.s. criminal (in)justice system. Recognizing the role that prisons play in both the expansion of capitalism and the preservation of racism, we understand that our position as conscious individuals on the “outside” necessitates the support of our sisters and brothers on the “inside”. We publish incarcerated writers and artists in our magazine OFF!  http://www.prisonersupportnetwork.blogspot.com/

Justice Projects Research Seminar

The Justice Projects Research Seminar is a forum for the presentation of research in progress hosted by the Sociology Department at Binghamton University.

University Courses

Faculty at Binghamton University regularly offer courses in the areas of incarceration, justce, and social movements among other related areas.

Prison Teaching Project

From 2001-2006 Binghamton University faculty taught non-credit, college-level courses at local prisons on a volunteer basis. The last course for 2005-2006 was on “American Social History.”

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