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BC campaign for Alternatives to Incarceration

February 22nd, 2014

A group of community and Binghamton University people, under the name of the BC campaign for alternatives to Incarceration, are mobilizing against the local sheriff’s and county plans to incarcerate yet more persons through the $5.7 million dollar expansion of the Broome County Jail. This parallels efforts in Ithaca and Cortland NY to coutner similar plans. On Feb 20th the campaigners, refused any time to present their case to the local county legislature, protested at the Broome County Executive’s annual state of the county speech. Pictures, pamphlets BC jail expansion pamphlet3., and news reports are attached.Local fox news report: bildeCredit: Cristopher Radder.

bilde2 Credit: Cristopher Radder.
Credit: Cristopher Radder.

bilde3Credit: Cristopher Radder.

bilde4Credit: Cristopher Radder.

bilder5Credit: Cristopher Radder.

038 Credit: William Martin

039Credit: William Martin

045Credit: William Martin

044Credit: William Martin

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