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Education vs. Incarceration 2013

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Education and Incarceration June52013Education and Incarceration in NYS: Recalculating the fate of New York’s Youth, from Cuomo to Cuomo, by William Martin and Andrew Pragacz.  June 5, 2013.

Almost fifteen years ago the Correctional Association of New York documented how New York’s governors and politicians had rapidly increased prison funding while cutting funding to higher education.  Current political announcements and media coverage suggest that these long-term trends may be faltering, and that a brighter future may await New York’s youth. In this report we examine this larger landscape for New York State’s youth. Looking at long-term trends, we highlight hopes for the future—and worries about the present. Among our most critical finding is the likely continuation of the inheritance of the past: a growing disparity, despite changes in mass imprisonment and higher education, in the life chances of poor, Black, and Latino youth across the state.

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